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Traveling and Vacationing in Affordable Hotels

Written by Small Business Magazine on October 10th, 2013. Posted in Days inn hotels, Hotel deals, Hotel rooms

Hotel reservations

Getting the best rates for hotel reservations may seem challenging when over 160 billion dollars of revenue came from travel bookings last year, but you can find the best vacation and business hotels for your situation with some preliminary research.

It may be indicative of their popularity, but Statistic Brain finds that the average U.S. hotel has approximately 235 online reviews. Sometimes knowing someone else that has gone there and spent some time and money means they can provide the most objective advice when seeking the vacation deals. Otherwise, you can find a Continue Reading No Comments

How to Find a Job in Sales

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Sales career path

Are you trying to find a job in sales, or are you a business owner who needs to fill sales positions? In either case, you may want to consider using an executive search firm. You want to find people who can fit into your company and its culture. Because this can be a challenge, sales recruiters can assist you.

Did you know that if you make a hiring mistake about a job in sales, it can cost six to 10 times the base salary of your sales person? A person with a job in sales needs several skills to make them successful. Sales people need to have good research skills that will let them understand their prospects, as well as the needs of their business. A person seeking a job in sales should also be comfo

Presentation folders —- WATCH

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Cotter pins —- Videos

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