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The Great Millennial Panic is Over!

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 25th, 2016. Posted in Human resources consultant, Human resources executive search firms, Outplacement service

Outplacement consultant

The mighty panic over millennials taking over the workforce has evidently dwindled away. They apparently are not extraterrestrial beings that have been sent here to destroy the world one tweet at a time. Sure, a few of the stereotypes may apply to some: entitled, lazy, narcissistic; but those negative qualities have been around for ever, and they do not discriminate. There are, however, perfectly functioning millennials out there that are talented and can be valuable assets to your company. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring and working with millennials:

  • Talent Acquisition — The first step is to actually acquire employees worth hiring. Applicants can seem like a perfect fit during an interview, but once it comes time to produce, they might not be the right

Authenticating Card Not Present Transactions

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 25th, 2016. Posted in Chargeback protection ecommerce, Gateway, Merchant payment gateway

Secure payment options

Consumers in the United States made half of all payments with credit cards in 2013, and that number continues to grow. In part, this is because of the surge of online shopping over the past decade. As people become accustomed to quick shipping turnaround, this trend is also likely to continue. All of these online card not present transactions have led to a number of problems not seen as often in traditional retail transactions, such as authentication and credit card fraud.

Payment Processing and Authentication
Credit card payment services help facilitate card not present transactions by making the authentication process easier. Small companies, niche compan

Does Your Landscaping Need a Boost? When Replacing Driveways Can Add Value to Your Home

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 23rd, 2016. Posted in Asphalt driveways, Concrete contractors, Concrete driveways minneapolis

Asphalt driveway minneapolis

The most effective safeguard against the need for driveway repair is proper installation and maintenance, but what many homeowners do not know is that the weather in their hometown could be damaging their driveways without their knowledge. Until major cracks surface, long-term damage from rain and snow can be hidden; while the proper angle for water drainage is a slope of approximately one-quarter inch per foot, many homes have improperly installed driveways that are absorbing water into concrete or cracking asphalt installations.

Under the proper conditions of installation and maintenance, a concrete driveway should last for more than two decades. Continue Reading No Comments

Five Reasons Companies Are Reshore

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 22nd, 2016. Posted in Food packaging containers, Food packaging containers manufacturers, Plastic injection molding product


It has long been a practice for man American countries to have all manufacturing necessary for their product performed outside of the United States, using offshore label, as it became labeled. Recently, however, there has been a trend in manufacturing where these operations have been brought back to the country in a reshoring initiative. More jobs are available than have been in many years, making everything from drinkware products to plastic pharmaceutical containers. The reasons for reshoring are varied, but below are five of the most often cited.

  1. Closing Wage Gap: Wages in the nations where, traditionally, offshore manufacturing occurs have been increasing ra

The Dangers of Water Contamination The Lesson to Take Away From the Flint Michigan Water Crisis

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 16th, 2016. Posted in Environmental remediation, Groundwater remediation methods, Soil vapor extraction systems

Environmental remediation equipment

When astronomers search for evidence of extraterrestrial life, they look for planets that have an abundance of liquid water; this is because water is a vital ingredient for carbon-based life as we know it. The earth is unique with this regard as nearly three-fourths of our planet’s surface is covered in water. Human beings need water to survive, as the body can only survive an average of three days without it. For something so essential to life as we know it, as a species we seem to take for granted just how precious water is.

One Planet, One Chance

Although planet earth is covered in water, only 3% of that water is fresh water suitable for drinking. With such a limited amount of drinkable water on the planet, it is surprising to hear that about 70% of indust

Digital Signs Point to Success

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 15th, 2016. Posted in Business signage design, Large format digital printing st louis, Signs for outside businesses

Ada sign requirements

In today’s internet culture, it can be hard to reach the customer. The constant presence of every industry vying for the limited resources of the consumer means that patience runs thin on every side of the business transaction. This is why clever and poignant brand awareness is so important when it comes to marketing. This pressure has leaked into physical industry, too, and has forced companies to innovate in all sorts of ways. For the sign company, this means transitioning to the electronic realm and coming up with creative sign designs that leave older methods of advertisement behind. Digital signs are now much more prevalent in marketing and statistics speak to the success of this new interactive techno

Flexible Packaging Keeps Food Fresh and Safe

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 15th, 2016. Posted in Liquid spout bags, Plastic packaging sleeves, Roll stock film suppliers

Inno-lok packaging

Flexible packaging is becoming increasingly popular among food and industrial manufacturers. Plastic pouches are being used as packaging for more and more products, including mayonnaise, ketchup, meats and pet foods. Flexible plastic packaging offers many advantages over traditional rigid plastics. It is more cost-effective because less material is used in making the pouch packaging. Lighter packaging means lower transportation costs. Many pouch packaging services offer complete solutions, from innovative zippered pouches to no heat shrink sleeve labels.

Flexible plastic packaging keeps food fresh
Heat sealed plastic pouches and wraps create an airtight seal which keeps food fres

Trenchless Sewer Pipes Every Good Landlord’s Repair Dream

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 10th, 2016. Posted in Pipe lining, Trenchless pipe rehabilitation, Trenchless sewer pipe repair

Trenchless pipe installation

A broken sewer can be a stinky, expensive, and foul mess to clean up. It’s even worse if you own property like a condominium, where a good number of people are affected. You need the problem taken care of immediately, but you don’t want to ruin your landscaping, digging holes in your property that you’ll have to repair later, and trying to keep everyone out of the area that’s being worked on. If the sewer runs by entrances or exits underground or crosses with other pipes or wires, it can be a very delicate and difficult job. Luckily for you, there’s a new way to do sewage instead of the traditional trench method. This is called a trenchless sewage method. Trenc

Pros and Cons of Business Loans

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 10th, 2016. Posted in Small business lending news, Small business loan, Small business working capital loans

Small business loans for women

In order to start a new business or even to grow a current one, you might be thinking about lending money for financing. Business loans can be broken down in to two main categories: secured and unsecured. If you have to have a lot of money at one time, such as start up costs or a specific marketing venture that is sure to profit, getting a loan might be a good answer. However, if you are not almost positive that your business will be able to pay back the loan in a timely manner, this is not for you. You do not want to end up personally responsible for the entire loan and debt should something happen and your business not work out.

Secured Business Loans
This type of loan requires putting down some sort of collaterol to back the loan. If your credit history is not

Three Things You Must Know When Seeking to Lease an Office

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 10th, 2016. Posted in Office space, Office space rent nyc, Temporary office space dc

Virtual office

Any search for rental real estate properties holds a certain amount of hassles, stress and annoyances, no matter if the desired result is residential or commercial real estate. For commercial ventures, you must separate retail from not, not to mention choosing either an office space for rent that passes code to be open to clients, or find a different commercial office space for rent. Choosing the right office space for a business is crucial to success, so to make the right choice easier to find, here are three critical pieces of information for a succ