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The Great Millennial Panic is Over!

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 25th, 2016. Posted in Human resources consultant, Human resources executive search firms, Outplacement service

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The mighty panic over millennials taking over the workforce has evidently dwindled away. They apparently are not extraterrestrial beings that have been sent here to destroy the world one tweet at a time. Sure, a few of the stereotypes may apply to some: entitled, lazy, narcissistic; but those negative qualities have been around for ever, and they do not discriminate. There are, however, perfectly functioning millennials out there that are talented and can be valuable assets to your company. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring and working with millennials:

  • Talent Acquisition — The first step is to actually acquire employees worth hiring. Applicants can seem like a perfect fit during an interview, but once it comes time to produce, they might not be the right

Authenticating Card Not Present Transactions

Written by Small Business Magazine on February 25th, 2016. Posted in Chargeback protection ecommerce, Gateway, Merchant payment gateway

Secure payment options

Consumers in the United States made half of all payments with credit cards in 2013, and that number continues to grow. In part, this is because of the surge of online shopping over the past decade. As people become accustomed to quick shipping turnaround, this trend is also likely to continue. All of these online card not present transactions have led to a number of problems not seen as often in traditional retail transactions, such as authentication and credit card fraud.

Payment Processing and Authentication
Credit card payment services help facilitate card not present transactions by making the authentication process easier. Small companies, niche compan