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Is Your Business Getting Ignored? The Solution Might Be Simpler Than You Think

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 6th, 2016. Posted in Real estate signs st louis, Vehicle wraps, Window graphics

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In today’s competitive economy, your business can’t afford to not be noticed. While most marketing and advertising firms are currently focused on web and mobile advertising, those platforms often don’t do much for brick-and-mortar businesses. In a recent consumer poll, 50% of new customers say they were attracted to a business by an on-premise sign rather than an online sign. If your physical storefront is lacking business, a new sign might be the solution you’re looking for.

The Importance of Business Signs

35% of consumers wouldn?t know your business was at its location without a sign displayed. If your business is lacking adequate signage, you’re as good as invisible to over a third of all potential costumers. More than one-third (37%) of consumers report looking at an outd