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Removing Bacteria, Reducing Allergens And Keeping Illness At Bay Janitorial Services

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 5th, 2016. Posted in Commercial cleaning wilmington de, Construction cleaning services, Construction site clean up

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Where would we be without janitor services? These unsung heroes are responsible for keeping our environments clean and clutter-free, eliminating harmful bacteria and recycling waste in a variety of industries across the country. Through sweeping and sanitizing, they eliminate germs that can get people sick and clear up the surrounding environment to better discourage harmful pests or frustrating allergens. From restaurants to office cubicles, bacteria can accumulate anywhere and everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to encourage productivity and reduce illness in your business, consider hiring janitor services and putting a dent in daily waste and residue.

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Starting off the list with some quick facts: the average work or school desk is home to over 10 million

Increasing the Success of Your Company By Hiring the Right Employees

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 5th, 2016. Posted in Hr executive search firms, Human resources consulting firms, Human resources executive search

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A company is generally only as successful as its employees are. This can be said for all levels of employees, from the store level to the management and the corporate director levels. Simply put, if an employee does not care for its customers, its business or the employees, then they will tend to lack in success. Additionally, the attitude and the work ethic of the upper level management often have a big effect on the lower level employees and on the entire company. The question becomes, then, what can a company do to ensure that they are employing the most qualified and hardworking director level employees.

Any business needs to take great care in selecting the right candidates to fill a position. Experience is probably the biggest thing that human resources professionals look for. It is not