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Possible Reasons that Your Driveway Is Sinking

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 18th, 2016. Posted in Asphalt driveway, Asphalt driveway mn, Concrete repair

Driveway repairs

Over time driveways tend to sink a little bit. Sunken driveways are perfectly normally although it can get to a point where it’s gone to far. This can happen whether you have concrete driveways or asphalt driveways. At some point, sunken driveways do need to be repaired. If the driveway has gone four or five inches below your garage door then it’s time to do something about it. If you don’t, when it rains the water will pool in the dip and end up seeping into the soil. The end result is a comp

Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards

Written by Small Business Magazine on May 18th, 2016. Posted in Credit card payment process, Moto transaction type, Secure payment processing

Credit card payment system

As a small business, the decision to accept or not accept credit cards is before you. You could set something up to accept secure payments or you could settle for cash only. However, you could be hurting your business if you do not accept credit cards. There are places that are ‘cash only’ stores and they are making it but you could make even more of a profit if you decide to allow credit cards. Plus, nowadays, with the amount of credit card processing merchants that there are, it’s not very expensive to be able to accept credit cards so there’s really no excuse not to. Here are a few reasons why you should accept them.

Client Base
When you only accept cash, there’s no way to keep a record of the person who came in. While you don’t want to save credit card information, when you