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Want to Move to the Cloud? Consider These 5 Tips

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 4th, 2016. Posted in Cloud security and compliance, Cloud service broker companies, Government cloud services provider

Cloud solutions

Everyone seems to be talking about the cloud these days. If you are in information technology (IT), you may be considering moving your company’s data and processes there. You might want to know that the global market for this kind of computing is expected to reach nearly $80 billion by 2018. The federal government is switching to the cloud for its IT services to reduce expenses for its data center infrastructure. The move is expected to save about 30%. Nearly 60% of all larger companies use the cloud for its data storage to help enhance coordination between their operations and development departments. With all of this cloud computing going on, cloud services brokers are busy!

Tips to Get You Started Working on the Cloud:

  1. Find your data. Many companies