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Fire Sprinkler Inspections Important for Property Managers

Written by Small Business Magazine on July 17th, 2016. Posted in Commercial fire alarm companies, Commercial fire sprinklers, Fire alarm inspections tampa

Fire alarm contractor

When staying at a large hotel in downtown Kansas City for work last week, my colleague commented that her husband had already texted her and asked if she had located the nearest fire exit to her hotel room and if she had studied the evacuation plan posted on her room door. Her husband is not a worry wart. He is a fire fighter. Having served for more than 15 years, he is well aware of the importance of fire prevention and fire safety. I’m surprised he didn’t check up on her hotel in the week prior to our trip to inquire about the hotel’s most recent fire sprinkler inspections and ask to have the reports faxed to him to review. Turns out, inspections could be almost as important as the initial installation. I

A Look Inside the Packaging Industry

Written by Small Business Magazine on July 17th, 2016. Posted in Food sealing machines, Lidding film, Thermoform packaging

Horizontal form fill seal

What’s the first thing you notice when making purchases in the grocery store or big box store? If you answered “packaging,” you were correct. And packaging comes in all sorts of types to meet the different needs of the product whether it’s to ensure food safety or simply to ease transport and display. Whether on the outside to the inside, here are some of the most common types of packaging you might find containing or surrounding your purchases:

  • Vacuum pouches
  • Thermoformed trays
  • Ready made plastic trays
  • Lidding film
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Plastic clamshells

Packaging to Ensure Food Safety and Freshness
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