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3 Unique Forms of Advertising You Can Try Out

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 12th, 2016. Posted in Airplane advertising banner, Airplane advertising cost, Skytyping

Message banner

Advertising your company is important — although many businesses would like to think that the old adage, ?build it and they will come? is true, the opposite is more usually accurate — ?build it and they will ignore it, unless you draw their attention.?

Getting someone?s attention in an increasingly crowded advertisement marketplace can be difficult, though. What can your company do in order to get more eyes on your business?s message — and more foot traffic — for the least amount of money? Here are some novel ideas that could be potentially low cost per customer acquisition.

Give Flowers, Generate Intrigue

Flowers are something people have strong associations with, much like chocolate. Love, romance, promise, hope — these are all things that run through people?s minds when