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Four Things to Think About Before Renting a Commercial Warehouse

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 18th, 2016. Posted in Commercial warehousing, Leasing a warehouse, Tampa office space

Finding a warehouse to rent

Are you interested in renting a warehouse? Renting a warehouse is a necessary part of business if you have inventory that has to be stored somewhere, or if you business needs a large space for operations. While renting a warehouse seems like it wouldn’t be too complicated. You aren’t going to be living in the warehouse you rent, and most likely, won’t have clientele walking through. Factors that are important when you’re leasing office space, such as location and ambiance do not really matter when you are renting a warehouse. However, Continue Reading No Comments

Get Help Determining Warehouse Space Needs

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 18th, 2016. Posted in Commercial property for rent orlando, Manufacturing warehouse space, Tampa warehouse for rent

Warehouse for rent orlando

There are a lot of different companies that may be in the market for a commercial warehouse. However, after looking at the market, they aren’t sure if buying a warehouse is the right move. It is a large upfront investment, as well as a large ongoing investment with maintenance and upkeep.

Additionally, determining warehouse space needs can be challenging for growing companies. No company wants to invest in a warehouse only to be faced with the need for an expansion a year later. One solution to this dilemma is foregoing the purchasing of a building and finding a warehouse to rent.

Renting a warehouse can solve several possible problems including determining warehouse space needs. As space needs change,