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Permit ExpeditorsThe Cavalry Wears a Suit

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 29th, 2016. Posted in Building permit, Electrical permits, Permit help

Signage permits

Anyone who has decided to remodel their house, or maybe put on an addition, will need a permit from their town or city which will allow them to do the work, providing the work that is done complies with their local governmental specifications. A permit is not without cost. It can cost as little as under $100 or its cost can skyrocket over $1000, depending upon the type of work that is planned, where it will be done, the value, and the size of the project. It is estimated that the percentage of homeowners who will be planning some type of renovation project this year will be about 40%. Of homeowners who have recently done a remodel, 31% remodeled one room. Remodeling a room was the number one project chosen by people doing an upgrade on their home.

People planning a project on their property were

How Do You Rank? Increase Your Presence with a Search Engine Marketing Firm

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 28th, 2016. Posted in Rhode island seo, Search engine marketing tools, Web development

Internet marketing

Whether you just launched a new business or have been in business for a while, you’re probably aware of the importance of having an effective Internet marketing plan. If you don’t have a dedicated in-house team to handle your online marketing, outsourcing to a marketing firm makes sense.

Advertising and marketing agencies can provide you with all the services you need to promote your business on the Internet and beyond. This is particularly important because on a monthly basis, there are over 100 billion searches being conducted. As a result, you want a website that reflects your business, draws traffic, and creates a strong customer and/or client base.

A recent survey showed that website design makes a difference in how a company is perceived. This was the number one criterion for 46% of the sur

Content Is Still “King,” Make Yours Great

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 26th, 2016. Posted in Digital marketing, Search engine optimization philadelphia, Web design cherry hill

Search engine marketing agency

A lot has changed over the past few years in terms of how companies drive traffic to their websites. Many companies will turn to a good digital marketing agency to help get them the results they need. Over the years, some things have changed and some have not. While most agree that “content is king,” many do not understand what that means and how to get the content that will work.

Forbesandnbsp;is reporting on the lost art of writing. They note that as businesses have upped their search engine optimization (SEO) game, they

Finding the Right Drills and Tools for Any Project

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When it comes to home projects, there are often many factors that come into play. Often, if there has not been enough planning in advance, projects will be drawn out as you encounter new issues and setbacks. Even with the right amount of planning, there can often be unexpected issues that arise. Either way, plan on spending a bit of extra time, energy and money than you originally think you might, and do not give up when you hit your first hurdle!

Part of the reason that do-it-yourself home projects are so satisfying to accomplish is because you can appreciate every moment and every sliver of hard work that went into the process of reaching the finished product.

Finding the right tools for the job

Depending on the type of project that you are doing, you may need to stock

Protecting Your Information By Using Your Card Wisely

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 8th, 2016. Posted in Chargeback, Credit card chargeback process, Merchant chargeback protection

Moto transactions

Whether you’re gearing up for your holiday shopping, you’re planning birthday presents in advance, or you’re treating yourself to a little shopping spree, chances are at some point you are going to be doing a bit of your shopping online. Most major businesses have a pretty strong Internet presence, and there are some businesses that only operate online. This shift to a more connected and virtual world over the last few decades has led to the increase of online shopping.

Online shopping is often much more convenient and efficient, as the customer has quick access to countless different brands and stores, all with a few clicks of the mouse, and from the comfort of home on top of that. However the unfortunate aspect of online shopping is that there is also an increased risk of credit card a

Protect Your Business’ Digital Sales with a Gateway Service

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 3rd, 2016. Posted in Moto card transactions, Payment processing services, Secure payment processing

Merchant account providers

Global e-commerce sales are constantly being generated through desktop as well as mobile devices. Were you aware that every 30 seconds, there are $931,490 in sales made through desktop computers and $269,683 made through mobile devices?

Before purchasing a product, almost half of the people that shop digitally know where to find it. Basically, this means that they already have an online store in mind. Other shoppers, according to a 2015 MineWhat survey, will visit three online stores before buying anything, however.

Millennials like to browse and go cyber window shopping. Almost 50% state that they like to browse on a regular basis with no specific intention to buy anything. Approximately 36% of Millennials claimed that they didn’t like to make unnecessary purchases. It appears that many

Substrates and Coatings 101 a Roofer’s Guide to Metal Coatings

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 2nd, 2016. Posted in Dlc coating, Low friction coatings, Thermal spray coatings

Hard chrome replacements

When installing a metal roof, an architectural company has to make sure that the materials that it uses are able to withstand the elements and meet the builders’ long-term expectations. That’s why steel substrates and metal coatings are important to research in order to make informed decisions and ensure quality performance.


A substrate is the surface where a coating is applied. Galvanized and Galvalume steel coatings are the most popular choices for metal roofs. Both materials are coated with zinc, while Galvalume is coated with aluminum as well.

Galvanized substances are abbreviated to terms like G100 and G60. The number signifies how much zinc is contained in every square foot of substrate. G100 contains one ounce, while G60 contains .6 ounces, and so on. The greater