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7 Weird Uses for Recycled Plastics From Superhighways To Swimsuits

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Plastic closure manufacturers

There’s a reason so many products are delivered in plastic PET and HDPE containers. These plastic resins create a strong barrier that prevents food and beverages from becoming contaminated, and their light weight saves energy during transportation. Plastic packaging manufacturers need just two pounds of plastic to deliver 10 gallons of juice. To do the same job, you’d need three pounds of aluminium, eight pounds of steel, and more than 40 pounds of glass.

Just as importantly, the plastic resins in PET and HDPE containers are some of the most recycled materials on the planet, and up to 100% of PET plastic bottles can be made from recycled materials. Today, 31% of the PET plastic in the Unit

Contact an Attorney for Copyright Infringement

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Pre-litigation strategy

As an author or holder of another form of intellectual property, you are probably aware of the importance of protecting your work with copyright registration. According to the United States Copyright Office, this provides you with a public record of your work and a certificate of registration.

The United States Copyright Office states that if you have registered your intellectual or creative property with their office, that it is protected under the law. It is also protected once it is in a “tangible form.” This includes being accessible, or visible, when using a device such as a computer.

It is also important to register your work to protect against copyright infringement. The

Turning the Earth’s Water into Useable Water

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The world is made up of large amounts of water. Most of the water is in the form of oceans, lakes, and rivers that flow into one another, creating the entire water system of our world. It is a unique and crucial part of our existence, providing us with both water for nourishment and water for oxygen. The larger waterways also are home to many underwater beings, playing an important part in our ecosystem. Even with so much water in our world, much of the world?s water is contaminated and requires specialized geotechnical services.

Environmental engineering services
Environmental engineering takes parts of the world?s large supply of water and turns it into useable water. This water is then filtered and used as drinking water and cleaning water. Residential wells are created to proc

From Drills to Clamps Essential Tools of the Metalworking Trade

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Drill bits

Every trade and practice has it’s own rules. In order to truly working in that field and to remain safe in that field we must work by those rules. One such rule is to use the best (and safest) tools available to us. These tools are used to make our work easier and make us capable of creating the best products possible. Plus, they are also optimized to maintain our safety and healthy, whole bodies in tact. With that in mind, here’s a list of three essential parts of metalworking.

  1. The Lathe
    Metalworking would be near impossible without the lathe. This instrument has been around for centuries. In fact, there is evidence that the origin of this instrument goes back all the way to Ancient Egypt. With years of work and excellence placed behind it, there is no wonder why this tool is a must have

Amount of Construction Fatalities on the Rise Nationwide

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In a study completed by the Ohio Safety and Health Administration, 20.2% of all workplace deaths were due to construction related incidents. Unfortunately, this trend, while it is lower than previous generations, is on the rise.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction worker fatalities have hit an all-time high since the recession of 2009. These numbers come from 2015 when there were 937 fatal injuries in the construction sector.

This sad increase was even worse in New York State. The New York Committee for Occupational Health and Safety (NYCOSH) has found that construction worker deaths are on the rise throughout the state simply because employers are consistently violating safety protocols.

Their report, titled Deadly Skyline: An Annual Report on Construct

Four Fire Safety Tips for Your Business

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Commercial fire alarms atlanta

If you’re looking for fire protection solutions and systems, it’s important to contact a full-service fire protection company. In addition to installing fire alarms and sprinklers, a fire inspection contractor can also provide other fire protection services. These include inspecting, testing, repairing, and maintaining existing fire protection systems.

The importance of having regular maintenance cannot be stressed enough. It’s been shown that when chemical systems have failed to function properly, almost half of these situations were the result of inadequate maintenance.

In addition to ensuring that sprinkler and other fire-suppression systems are properly maintained, early

Reduce Absenteeism with Professional Janitorial Services

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Cleaning service minneapolis mn

Every year, absenteeism makes a major impact on businesses. This results in a loss of 54% in productivity and over $225 billion in financial costs. Given that desks, chairs, keyboards, computer mice, telephones, and other surfaces can harbor thousands if not millions of germs, it’s important to do as much as possible to prevent the spread of illnesses such as the flu.

One way to prevent the spreading of germs is to hire a professional cleaning service. There are different types of cleaning services, such as those that provide after-hours janitorial services. They can come into an office or facility after employees have left for t

Are you Getting Ready to Submit Your 2016 Tax Statements?

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After years of doing nothing more than babysitting and teaching piano lessons, your college daughter finally had her first real job. When she was in high school she practiced club gymnastics 24 hours a week. Between those workout hours and a very tough high school class schedule, she simply did not have the time of the scheduling flexibility to do any thing more than babysit on open weekends and teach two of three piano students on Friday afternoons after school.
when she was home for a few days over Spring Break, however, she was determined to find a job that would let her work 20 to 30 hours a week. She still would have to work out according to the summer gymnastics guidelines that her coach gave her, but without any summer school classes that she