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Environmental Remediation for Ash Wastewater

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 26th, 2017. Posted in Cartridge filter housings, Environmental compliance consultants, Groundwater remediation

Construction dewatering and treatment

There are many harmful contaminants contained in coal ash. These elements can make it dangerous for humans and wildlife to drink the water. When the water is used to grow crops it can contaminate the fruits and vegetables and make them dangerous to eat. The same is true for consuming fish and wildlife that has consumed the water or vegetation that received water from contaminated ash wastewater.

Types of Contaminants in Ash Wastewater

Coal is filled with small quantities of elements such as arsenic, selenium, lead, mercury, thallium, and born as well as heavy metals. When coal is burned these various heavy metals and elements do not evaporate in the fire. Rather, they are left with the ash residue after the coal has burned.

Ash can be reintroduced into the envi