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5 Things You Probably didn’t Know about Plastics

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 2nd, 2018. Posted in Bottle packaging extrusion, Large capacity jars, Uses for plastic jars

Food grade plastic containers

Plastic is a popular material that you see everywhere and on almost everything. In fact Americans use about two and a half million plastic bottles every hour of the day and about 600 billion pounds of plastics is made each year for the industry. This makes the plastics industry the third largest manufacturing industry, understandably so. Considering all the plastics that we use for our beverages, our food products, our household products and even custom made bottles that are plastic, knowledge is always good. Read below for some interesting facts about plastic that you may not know.

Bacteria Resistant

Plastic is incredibly resistant to bacteria. Fungi also does not penetrate plastics. Thus making plastic bottles an ideal choice for beverage containers. The material’s