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Top 5 Ways to Keep Inventory at Your Warehouse

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 4th, 2018. Posted in Tampa warehouse, Warehouse space for rent near me, Warehouses in orlando

When you’re running a distribution warehouse space, it can be difficult to keep all of your inventory. You need to keep track of suppliers, buyers, store locations, and other important information, and having all these different streams can create feels of high stress and anxiety. In order to keep your stress levels at bay, you can start using some of the following inventory management techniques to keep your distribution warehouse space running smoothly.

1. Rethink the layout

It might seem outlandish, but reorganizing your floor plan could actually help with inventory management. By rethinking your floor plan, you can make it more efficient. When it comes to determining warehouse space needs, storage plans should be reconsidered as well, and often, as supply and demand can directly affect your what kind and much of storage you need.

2. Personal identification goes a long way

The Purpose of An Expedited Freight Company

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 4th, 2018. Posted in Expedited freight companies, Expedited international shipping services, Pharmaceuticals transportation

As of right now, the shipping industry is absolutely booming and is crucial to the overall well-being of the economy as well. Thanks to the rise of online services and vendors, like Amazon, there are more companies trying to help ship items through expedited shipping an expedited trucking. As a matter of fact, the expedited freight company interaction is a huge deal for almost all large-scale businesses.

In the year 2015, the total amount of money spends on logistics and transportation in the United States managed to reach nearly $1.4 trillion. This also represented nearly 8% of the annual gross domestic product as well. However, now that there are more local businesses getting involved in shipping, there may be some big changes coming.

The President of SJ Consulting Group, Satish Jindel, has stated that there is a current decline in the length of haul for shipments. Also, between 2011 and 2016, there has been a 4% decrease in terms of public truckload carriers and their leng