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An Eco-Friendly Alternative For Small And Large Businesses The Modified Shipping Container Restaurant

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 5th, 2018. Posted in Booth shipping containers, Pop up container bar, Trade show shipping containers

What’s the next big thing in eco-friendly construction? Look no further than the ocean.

That’s not a joke. The modified shipping container is actually one of the most environmentally friendly, durable and flexible additions brought to modern construction practices. More businesses, even large companies, are starting to turn to booth shipping containers to keep pace with a dynamic economy. You have one couple starting a new food business and using a modified shipping container instead of a food truck. You have a large business spreading out to other states in bite-sized portions and creating the shipping crate restaurant.

What makes something so mundane such an irreplaceable part of today’s success? It’s time to unpack the mystery.

Did You Know?

It’s time to get down and dirty with all the things that make a modified shipping container s