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How Custom Packaging Can Help Your Business Stand Out

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 5th, 2018. Posted in Packaging for coffee shops, Paper coffee bags, Printed vacuum pouch

There’s no denying that Americans love to drink coffee. As a boon for the food industry at a time when other drinks such as soda and bottled water are in decline, coffee has come roaring back in popularity since a decline in the mid 90s. Forty six percent of American workers say coffee helps them stay productive at work and more than half of Americans older than 18 drink coffee every day.

While coffee is a popular drink of choice, a big reason for its popularity is its packaging and labels. Well known brands are easily recognizable in a store and customers tend to trust products they are familiar with.

Whether it’s coffee bag packaging, produce packaging, marijuana packaging or pet food packaging, there are many benefits to having professional custom packaging on products. At the end of the day, if a customer recognizes a company’s product, they’re more likely to

Taking A Look At The Importance Of The Manufacturing World In The United States And All Around The World

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 5th, 2018. Posted in Pcd solutions, Roller burnishing

From id multi-roll burnishing to roller burnishing to the use of PCD solutions and PCD tools, there are so many things that go into the manufacturing industry that we as the common people of the United States are simply not aware of. But even if you don’t know exactly what id multi-roll burnishing is, there is no doubt about it that manufacturing (including id multi-roll burnishing and the like) is incredibly important all throughout the country. And aside from here in the United States, the world of manufacturing encompasses just that – the world as a whole.

Here in the United States, however, the manufacturing industry is particularly important – as well a particularly large. In fact, the industry of manufacturing here in the United States is so expansive that, if it were considered its own stand alone country it would actually be the eighth largest country in the entire world if we looked at gross domestic product (also known, perhaps more commonly, as GDP) alone. And the impac