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Transporting Hazardous Materials

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 1st, 2018. Posted in First responder training, Requirements for handling hazardous waste, Working with hazardous wastes

Transportation is a huge industry today around the world, as nearly any company or factory will need carriers to deliver freight to distributors, refineries, retailers, and more, and there are auxiliary industries out there such as freight brokers to negotiate these deals. Materials can be shipped by truck, train, airplane, or naval ship, but sometimes, materials being carried are dangerous, and should be handled with care. The international transport of hazardous materials, for example, involves more than just a cargo ship or a plane’s cargo bay having enough space; working with hazardous wastes can be a danger to the crews, the vehicles, and the surrounding environment if something goes wrong, and so domestically and abroad, the international transport of hazardous materials has a number of regulations from OSHA and other legal entities to ensure that hazardous waste and other hazmat materials are responsibly handled during loading, unloading, and the actual transit period. In confin