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What You Need To Know About Selecting the Right Calibration Gases

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 5th, 2018. Posted in Calibration gas, Calibration gases, Custom calibration gas standards

What Is Calibration Gas?

Calibration gases are used in the calibration of analytical instruments, such as analyzers and gas detectors. It can be a singular gas or a mixture of gases depending on the instrument and the needs. Gas detectors, for instance, are used to detect hazards in spaces where workers will be operating. It is important to keep these devices maintained and fully calibrated to ensure no one breathes anything that could be detrimental to their health while on a job.

Exposure to air pollutants and toxic environmental hazards can cause serious injury overtime, even if the symptoms are not immediately evident, and can even lead to death. Additionally, unscented combustible gases can cause explosions if not identified, which can be disastrous to both personal and property.

Using calibration gases correctly is the best way to keep detectors properly working to detect these hazards so that everyone is as safe as possible on the job. Accurate readings ca