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The Value of Well-Maintained Fire Alarm Systems in Commercial and Residential Buildings

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 24th, 2018. Posted in Fire alarm repair, Fire alarm repairs, Fire alarm system

Commercial fires cause many injuries and deaths every year, with hotels and motels having about 15 deaths and 150 injuries. While commercial areas with large oven ranges, non-chemical fire suppression systems are some of the best work to battle fires.

The Most Common High-Rise Fires

Four common classes of high-rise buildings acquire fires most commonly, including the apartment buildings, offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities. These often require both fire alarm systems along with automatic sprinkler systems. Some of these fire protection services and fire protection systems that often include wet chemical systems.

Value of Maintenance

Considering the importance of fire alarm systems and fire protection systems, there is much to consider in keeping them in good service. This could be anything from making sure of proper fire alarm installation and then having regular