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When You Choose to Work From Home

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 19th, 2019. Posted in Flexible work from home, Part time insurance agent, Work from home telemarketing

Modern technology such as phones (both mobile and landline), computers and laptops, e-mail, video chat, and more allow more options for today’s business employees than ever before. In fact, many employees choose to work customer service jobs or do inbound sales work remotely, even from the privacy of their own homes. A stay at home call center has more advantages to it than a familiar setting; these flexible careers for mothers open up new job opportunities for single parents who can’t easily leave the household for hours on end for work. Work from home technical support, work from home answering phones, and more are all fine options for today’s employee, and it’s not just convenient, but it can be highly profitable, too. What is there to know about an employee who chooses to work from home answering phones? When you work from home answering phones, what are the perks?

Using a Phone