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Science and Its Notebooks

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 21st, 2019. Posted in Engineering notebooks, Laboratory, Students

Modern science is the result of many centuries of work, and most innovations and discoveries in science are built upon something that came earlier. Even the famed Isaac Newton stated that he owed many of his discoveries to the work done by “giants” before him such as Galileo and others. This is still true today, and many years of research, trial and error, and even “happy accidents,” so to speak, result in today’s discoveries and innovations. Science is a field that requires a lot of data, and for millennia scientists have made use of engineering lab notebooks and lab notebooks, or variations thereof, to note the results of their experiments and record data. Science relies heavily on data for progress, and archival materials and old science notebooks show countless charts, diagrams, anatomy sketches, and much more. Anything from electric currents to sketches of aquatic plant species may be put in scientific lab notebooks. Engineers, too, need such recording materials, and engineering <