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3 Important Questions to Ask Funeral Directors

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When it comes to funeral planning, whether you’re planning a funeral for a loved one or planning your own funeral, you’re probably going to be working with a funeral director. Working with an experienced professional can be extremely helpful — in fact, a Harris Poll survey found that 82% of respondents agreed that funeral professionals provide valuable services. But if you’re struggling to choose a funeral home, here are a few important questions to ask that may help you make a decision.


How many years of experience do you have? First and foremost, you should ask the director about their experience. Funeral homes can be locally owned, family-owned, or even a chain. If possible, consider an independent funeral home. Local ownership often means the funeral home is truly dedicated to providing their community with excellent funeral services. But either way, you should ensure the director has a few years of experience under their belt so they can properly guide you through the planning process.


Do you offer certain funeral packages? Funeral costs can quickly add up, which is why it’s important to ask about any packages they may offer. Of course, you can still customize the service to your liking, but going with a more basic package to start with can help save on expenses. Additionally, asking about their funeral packages will give you a better idea of what kind of services they offer.


Will I have to pay any additional fees? Some funeral homes may charge for the basic services and then have additional fees on top of that. Additional fees may include those for transporting the remains, the use of equipment, cremation, and the use of a hearse. It’s important to know what isn’t included in the main cost so you can plan appropriately.


There are a lot of important factors to consider when planning a funeral, and these are just a few of them. From managing costs to finding the services you’re interested in, you’re going to be making a lot of decisions. So when you’re meeting with potential funeral directors, make sure to ask these questions so you can make an informed decision when needed.

Does Your Office Space Have Private Sound Proof Booths Were Workers Can Make Calls?

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Everything old is new again.
This adage does not just apply to the clothes that we wear. It also applies to the way that office space is used and the latest trends in the way that shared work spaces are designed. After the last few decades of many companies getting rid of large offices for all executives and creating open work environments for entire companies, there are now many companies who are really going old school by installing phone booth office designs throughout an entire building. Complete with a light that is turned on when the room is in use, many of these phone booth office designs are grouped together in banks the same way they might have been found in public spaces like airport terminals in the past.
Although an open work environment allows for greater collaboration and transparency, there are still many times when a private phone conversation is better in a separate room. Large enough to accommodate a private conversation, but still small enough to discourage s

Making Sales Over the Phone

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Despite the rise of modern communication technology such as the Internet, e-mail, and live video chat, the Internet remains an important part of business and personal communication for Americans today. Speaking with someone live over the phone, and hearing their voice, is often a primary route for communication, especially for older Americans who may not be used to live video chat. There is no “wrong” way to communicate with someone, but some people today might underestimate the persistent value in phone conversations. Business managers, however, are quite aware of the power of telephone conversations and their impact on business. A business thrives on marketing and customer service, and a lot of this is done by phone. Customer service jobs, inbound sales calls, selling life insurance over the phone, technical support, and more is done this way.