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Have A Custom Water Tank? Make Sure You Have Customer Liners

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 24th, 2019. Posted in Clarifier tank, Gas tank liner, Plating tank liners

Whether you are storing water or waste, having a tank that suits your needs is important. Without a properly adjusted tank you could face leakage or contamination, depending on what you’re using it for. However, custom water tanks require custom tank liners to ensure maximum coverage.

Why Use Custom Linings?

When using a custom water tank, they will seldom be suited for a generic tank liner. This goes double for storing certain types of chemicals, as you don’t want to risk them corroding through the liner and leaking into the surrounding area. The best way to ensure your tank and what your storing is secure is by using a specialized liner. Here are a few reasons why it’s always the safe bet to invest in custom liners.

  • Custom Water Tanks Aren’t Made Equal. Depending on the age and location where the tank is being stored there could b

Level 6 Shredding Available from Industrial Office Shredders at Various Locations

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 24th, 2019. Posted in Industrial shredder, Large capacity paper shredder, Secure paper shredding

One of the most common security options when the need to destroy private documents, with the availability of industrial and commercial shredding. When there may not be the inclusion of seriously private information like account numbers, personal identity information, client information, and more, there is the ability to use a basic shredder. Even more than that may call for the need of industrial office shredders that provide complete destruction of those documents.

Level 6 Shredding From an Industrial Office Shredder

Level 6 Shredding, originated in San Francisco in 2007, now offers both residential and business clients with the highest level of document disposal. Clients are able to drop-off documents for shredding, complete shredding on-site within an industrial office shredder. It is often also available off-site, witnessed document shredding and hard drive destruction. Local 6 shredding has two San Francisco locations, offering services by both appointment and walk-i

3 Important Questions to Ask Funeral Directors

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 23rd, 2019. Posted in Uncategorized

When it comes to funeral planning, whether you’re planning a funeral for a loved one or planning your own funeral, you’re probably going to be working with a funeral director. Working with an experienced professional can be extremely helpful — in fact, a Harris Poll survey found that 82% of respondents agreed that funeral professionals provide valuable services. But if you’re struggling to choose a funeral home, here are a few important questions to ask that may help you make a decision.


How many years of experience do you have? First and foremost, you should ask the director about their experience. Funeral homes can be locally owned, family-owned, or even a chain. If possible, consider an independent funeral home. Local ownership often means the funeral home is truly dedicated to providing their community with excellent funeral services. But either way, you should ensure the director has a few years of experience under their belt so they can properly guide you through the planning process.


Do you offer certain funeral packages? Funeral costs can quickly add up, which is why it’s important to ask about any packages they may offer. Of course, you can still customize the service to your liking, but going with a more basic package to start with can help save on expenses. Additionally, asking about their funeral packages will give you a better idea of what kind of services they offer.


Will I have to pay any additional fees? Some funeral homes may charge for the basic services and then have additional fees on top of that. Additional fees may include those for transporting the remains, the use of equipment, cremation, and the use of a hearse. It’s important to know what isn’t included in the main cost so you can plan appropriately.


There are a lot of important factors to consider when planning a funeral, and these are just a few of them. From managing costs to finding the services you’re interested in, you’re going to be making a lot of decisions. So when you’re meeting with potential funeral directors, make sure to ask these questions so you can make an informed decision when needed.

Does Your Office Space Have Private Sound Proof Booths Were Workers Can Make Calls?

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 23rd, 2019. Posted in Phone booth office design, Phone booth office space, Soundproof phone booth

Everything old is new again.
This adage does not just apply to the clothes that we wear. It also applies to the way that office space is used and the latest trends in the way that shared work spaces are designed. After the last few decades of many companies getting rid of large offices for all executives and creating open work environments for entire companies, there are now many companies who are really going old school by installing phone booth office designs throughout an entire building. Complete with a light that is turned on when the room is in use, many of these phone booth office designs are grouped together in banks the same way they might have been found in public spaces like airport terminals in the past.
Although an open work environment allows for greater collaboration and transparency, there are still many times when a private phone conversation is better in a separate room. Large enough to accommodate a private conversation, but still small enough to discourage s

Making Sales Over the Phone

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 23rd, 2019. Posted in Dispatcher positions, Inbound sales, Insurance companies hiring to work from home

Despite the rise of modern communication technology such as the Internet, e-mail, and live video chat, the Internet remains an important part of business and personal communication for Americans today. Speaking with someone live over the phone, and hearing their voice, is often a primary route for communication, especially for older Americans who may not be used to live video chat. There is no “wrong” way to communicate with someone, but some people today might underestimate the persistent value in phone conversations. Business managers, however, are quite aware of the power of telephone conversations and their impact on business. A business thrives on marketing and customer service, and a lot of this is done by phone. Customer service jobs, inbound sales calls, selling life insurance over the phone, technical support, and more is done this way.

Pharmaceutical Grade Refrigerator Freezers Provide Necessary Vaccination Storage

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 22nd, 2019. Posted in 4 cu ft refrigerator freezer, Laboratory freezer, Vaccine storage refrigerators

Parents typically want to do everything within their power to make sure that their children have the very best lives. They provide them with a warm and safe home; they feed them healthy foods; they attempt to make sure that they get the required amount of rest. It is puzzling then when you find out that there are some families who ignore one of the most important pieces of advice: getting children vaccinated.
Unfortunately, there is a growing number of vaccine hesitant families who are not taking advantage of the latest technology that the medical field has to offer. Whether it is because they have believed false information about a connection to autism or they simply do not understand the implications of diseases like the measles, these anti vaccers are putting many people at risk. The youngest infants who are not yet old enough to get their shots and others who cannot because of compromised immune systems are at extra risk when other do not get the vaccines that everyone from lo

Science and Its Notebooks

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 21st, 2019. Posted in Engineering notebooks, Laboratory, Students

Modern science is the result of many centuries of work, and most innovations and discoveries in science are built upon something that came earlier. Even the famed Isaac Newton stated that he owed many of his discoveries to the work done by “giants” before him such as Galileo and others. This is still true today, and many years of research, trial and error, and even “happy accidents,” so to speak, result in today’s discoveries and innovations. Science is a field that requires a lot of data, and for millennia scientists have made use of engineering lab notebooks and lab notebooks, or variations thereof, to note the results of their experiments and record data. Science relies heavily on data for progress, and archival materials and old science notebooks show countless charts, diagrams, anatomy sketches, and much more. Anything from electric currents to sketches of aquatic plant species may be put in scientific lab notebooks. Engineers, too, need such recording materials, and engineering <

Purchasing the Correct Medical Freezer

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 20th, 2019. Posted in Medical fridge freezer, Small benchtop freezer, Upright refrigerator

Among other medical discoveries and innovations, vaccines have proven highly effective at preventing the spread of infectious, deadly disease among the human population. Ever since the late 1700s, vaccines have done a lot of work to prevent infections of all sorts, and today, a wide swath of diseases are prevented with these injections. Americans may be vaccinated from childhood to their elder years, and for good reason. A child’s immune system is still growing, and an elderly citizen’s immune system is worn out from age. Proper vaccines help to reinforce their immune systems from many dangerous diseases, and a person may get their vaccines updated every few years. However, vaccines are fragile and temperature-sensitive, so a medical grade freezer or a vaccine refrigerator freezer may be used to contain them. Medical grade freezers are more precise than commercially available ones, and the same

The Right Medical Freezer for the Job

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 20th, 2019. Posted in 10 cu ft fridge, Cdc storage and handling, Pharmaceutical grade refrigerator

Ever since their invention in the late 1700s, vaccines have proven an effective and important line of defense against infectious diseases for human beings. Children in particular receive a number of vaccines to jump-start their immune systems, and as Americans age, they will sometimes receive updated vaccines well into their senior years. Even the elderly may receive vaccines to keep their immune systems strong. Vaccines, however, are somewhat fragile, so they will often be stored inside a benchtop freezer unit or a pharmacy freezer. A scientific refrigerator is a fine place to store some vaccines or lab samples that must be chilled for preservation, and a vaccine freezer such as a benchtop freezer is needed for even colder items. pharmaceutical grade refrigerators and benchtop freezer units can be found on the wholesale medical supplies market, and a small benchtop freezer works fine for a smaller lab with limite

When You Choose to Work From Home

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 19th, 2019. Posted in Flexible work from home, Part time insurance agent, Work from home telemarketing

Modern technology such as phones (both mobile and landline), computers and laptops, e-mail, video chat, and more allow more options for today’s business employees than ever before. In fact, many employees choose to work customer service jobs or do inbound sales work remotely, even from the privacy of their own homes. A stay at home call center has more advantages to it than a familiar setting; these flexible careers for mothers open up new job opportunities for single parents who can’t easily leave the household for hours on end for work. Work from home technical support, work from home answering phones, and more are all fine options for today’s employee, and it’s not just convenient, but it can be highly profitable, too. What is there to know about an employee who chooses to work from home answering phones? When you work from home answering phones, what are the perks?

Using a Phone