Do You Need to Replace the Driveway at Your House?

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The driveway contractor had some very specific directions about caring for the new driveway he installed in the fall. At the top of the list was the directive that under absolutely no circumstances should you ever use a commercial ice melt product on the new surface. In fact, the driveway contractor explained that any warranty would be void if you used these harmful products. In addition, he assured you that there was no way to disguise the kind of damage that would occur if you used these harmful products. The resulting damage was too easy to identify.
Your husband, for his part, did not argue with the conditions of the driveway contractor. In fact, your husband pointed out, you had a south facing driveway and it was a rare occurrence when ice was really a problem at your house. When your driveway was too full of

Asphalt or Concrete? The Choice is Yours; Here’s the Facts

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Asphalt repair mn

It?s spring, and with spring comes a startling realization: your driveway is no longer looking as fresh as it used to. What can you do?

When a driveway is maintained and installed correctly, it can last for many years. Over time, though, even the toughest of driveways will begin to show cracks and crumbles. Here?s the important facts you need to know for your home.

Concrete v. Asphalt

The two top choices for paving a driveway are concrete, and asphalt.
Concrete is ideal because:

  • It lasts the longest (up to 50 years) while asphalt will often need to be repaved every few years, and eventually requires replacement sooner.
  • It can come in dozens of colors and hues, and even be stamped with patterns
  • Concrete driveways are often considered the more aesthet