Employment Law and Bankruptcy

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 12th, 2018. Posted in Bankruptcy law, Corporate governance, Judge f a little jr

Business and the law often have strong ties, with the law dictating what a business can and cannot do, as well as setting precedents for how a business and the employees in it should behave during certain procedures. Employment law, for one, is the general term for how various labor laws affect the relationship of employee and employer, and aside from employment law, a business may need to know how bankruptcy law works when an event such as chapter 11 bankruptcy is declared. How can bankruptcy filing work with minimal pain to the company filing it? How can an experienced mediator smooth out this process? What exactly does labor law entail?

Employment Law

As described at Legal Career Path, employment law is the legal bounds for an employer’s relationship to an employee. Minimum wage, for example, is set by