The Brewing Industry’s Fascinating American History

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 24th, 2016. Posted in Baso valve, Round burners, Venturi air mixers

Brewery burner

The brewing industry today might be quite the behemoth, but it has modest enough origins. In the mid seventeenth century, Dutch and English settlers in New York state recognized that the land?s terrain was a natural fit for growing hops and malt — needed for brewing beer.

By 1660, there were at least 26 breweries and taverns in the colony of New Amsterdam — no small feat considering this was 100 years before the U.S. would officially be a nation.

It wasn?t until the 1800s, though, that brewing began to expand. In 1810, at the beginning of the industry, there were just 150 commercial breweries — and together, they produced about 180,000 barrels of beer. After the civil war, though, beer became a mass-produced, mass-consumed drink for the nation. There were a few key reasons for this.

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