An Investment Analysis Can Help You Reach Your Retirement Goals

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 17th, 2016. Posted in Boston financial services, Improving investment performance, Retirement planning boston

Retirement goals

You are not close to where you planned to be at this point in your life. At the age of 53 both you and your spouse did not anticipate still having ten years left on your house mortgage, as well as credit card debt, and only a small amount of money set aside for your daughters’ college education. Luckily, you have been blessed with another four years to get your act together. Your oldest daughter was just informed that she has received a full tuition, room, and board scholarship to a small private college. Gifted with this next four years you have set some very specific financial goals.
Your wife has decided to pick up some extra writing work from home to help pay down credit card debt. In addition to her substitute teaching this extra income should finally make it so you are not living paycheck to payche