The Right Medical Freezer for the Job

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 20th, 2019. Posted in 10 cu ft fridge, Cdc storage and handling, Pharmaceutical grade refrigerator

Ever since their invention in the late 1700s, vaccines have proven an effective and important line of defense against infectious diseases for human beings. Children in particular receive a number of vaccines to jump-start their immune systems, and as Americans age, they will sometimes receive updated vaccines well into their senior years. Even the elderly may receive vaccines to keep their immune systems strong. Vaccines, however, are somewhat fragile, so they will often be stored inside a benchtop freezer unit or a pharmacy freezer. A scientific refrigerator is a fine place to store some vaccines or lab samples that must be chilled for preservation, and a vaccine freezer such as a benchtop freezer is needed for even colder items. pharmaceutical grade refrigerators and benchtop freezer units can be found on the wholesale medical supplies market, and a small benchtop freezer works fine for a smaller lab with limite