What to Look for in a Childcare Management System

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 20th, 2016. Posted in After school program, Child care management solution, Child daycare management

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Daycare is an important part of many children’s lives. Among children under the age of five, nearly one quarter are in a form of organized childcare, be that a daycare center, nursery, or preschool program. When a child’s mother is employed or in school, he’s even more likely to be in organized childcare: 33% of children with a working mother are in a form of childcare program while just over 28% of children with student mothers are in childcare. Organized childcare programs account for a quarter of all childcare arrangements.

Managing a childcare program can be a rewarding but also challenging task. From supervising and caring for the children to coordinating staff schedules and accounting for payments and expenses, a lot goes into daycare management. This is why there are daycare management s