Why You Should Trust Contractors With Your Driveway

Written by Small Business Magazine on June 15th, 2017. Posted in Asphalt driveways, Concrete driveways minneapolis, Driveway repair

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The two most commonly used materials in making, filling, and paving driveways across the United States. Those two commonly used materials are concrete and asphalt, with asphalt being the dominant material of the two. Asphalt is used not only in driveways but also on roads across the United States. This means asphalt is reliable but is also a material that professionals use and deal with. That is why, if you are trying to fill and pave your driveway, you should hire a contractors. Driveway contractors will come in, give you an estimate, bring in professionals, and will fill in your driveway correctly with the right type of material. Filling a driveway is a permanent and long lasting process. If a driveway is filled in correctly and properly maintained, it can last you around twenty to twenty five year

Does Your Landscaping Need a Boost? When Replacing Driveways Can Add Value to Your Home

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Asphalt driveway minneapolis

The most effective safeguard against the need for driveway repair is proper installation and maintenance, but what many homeowners do not know is that the weather in their hometown could be damaging their driveways without their knowledge. Until major cracks surface, long-term damage from rain and snow can be hidden; while the proper angle for water drainage is a slope of approximately one-quarter inch per foot, many homes have improperly installed driveways that are absorbing water into concrete or cracking asphalt installations.

Under the proper conditions of installation and maintenance, a concrete driveway should last for more than two decades. Continue Reading No Comments