Cardboard Boxes and You — 9 Out of Every 10 Items in America Was in One at One Point

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 31st, 2016. Posted in Cardboard mailer boxes, Custom corrugated displays, Custom corrugated packaging

Point of purchase design

We all use them — we all know how to put them together — and we can all gather a bunch of them out of seemingly nowhere in a moment’s notice. Stumped? They’re brown, usually have tape on them, and you probably aren’t getting into your new apartment or house very easily without them. Still stumped? The answer is corrugated boxes made of cardboard.

The reason so many folks will likely already know how to put them together is because a reported 90% of all products imported, exported, or relocated domestically throughout the United States are moved in a corrugated box at some point.

The cost of packaging has essentially been standardized
and regulated based on the u