Machine Tools Over 2,000 Years of Cumulative Human Enginuity

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 25th, 2016. Posted in Carbide insert, End mill bit, Mowidec tt

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For thousands of years human lives have seen radical shifts in available technology that has forever influenced the social development of our species. Modern electricity, personal automobiles, and more recently the internet are all prime examples of how our lives have adapted thanks to breakthroughs in technology. While the products themselves are obviously at the forefront of such change, it is important to consider the developments needed behind the scenes in the form of machine tools that enabled the production and development needed to change lives.

Modern Machine Tools

The earliest machine tools were found around Egypt and Mesopotamia around the 3rd century BC in the form of hand-powered lathes. It was not until the Industrial Revolution in England when steam power and water wheels