4 Smart Reasons to Start Using Spray Foam

Written by Small Business Magazine on January 14th, 2019. Posted in Dow froth pak 620, Froth pak, Froth pak 620

Each day, construction projects begin throughout the United States. However, it’s difficult for these projects to begin without the help of contracting companies. If you own any type of contracting company, you’ll want to learn why using spray foam is so beneficial. Unfortunately, certain people overlook spray foam insulation equipment. In this post, you’ll learn four beneficial reasons to consider using spray foam.

  • Great Way to Increase Energy Efficiency

    Throughout America, homeowners are spending quite on a bit on energy costs. In fact, research obtained from the Department of Energy found that heating and cooling account for 56% of energy usage in homes throughout the United States. This also holds true for commercial properties. If commercial buildings were 10% more energy efficient, it would save almost $40 billion in energy costs. Fortunately, you can help clients spend less on energy costs by using a spray foam insulation rental. By using spray