Heat Exchangers From Parallel-Flow to Plate-and-Frame

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 18th, 2017. Posted in Heat exchanger, Heat transfer, Shell and tube heat exchanger


Heat exchangers are important devices that are used in a variety of industries. As their name indicates, these devices transfer heat in order to accomplish various tasks and create specific conditions. Fuel oil heaters and hot water storage tanks are just two types of devices that function due to having a heat exchanger.

The Heat Transfer Process

The Second Law of Thermodynamics describes how a heat transfer occurs between two fluids. Per this law, heat is only able to flow from hotter to cooler fluids. In order for this transfer to take place, the two fluids need to be at different temperatures and come into thermal contact. This process involves convection in each fluid and then conduction through the wall that separates them.

These devices work by transferring heat between the following types of sub