What is Induction Heating and Why Is It Important

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Induction heating machines, from the induction furnace to the induction forge, are absolutely critical to manufacturing. One of the main uses for an induction forge is to make steel, 50% of which is used in building and infrastructure construction and another 13% in making cars and trucks. Another 16% of our world’s steel will go to manufacturing and robotics. This makes the induction forge a critical step in the manufacturing process from government infrastructure projects to the most advanced aerospace rockets.

What is Induction Heating?

Induction heating is a very reliable process for hardening metal. An alternating electric current is applied to a transformer which creates an alternating magnetic field. This magnetic field creates a circulating eddy of current that flows against any material that is resistant to electricity. This flow and resistance together create heat because of the internal friction, yet there is no contact between the inductor and what is being heated

Induction Heating and Melting

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Cap sealing for the medical industry

Brazing aluminum is a process that requires training, skill, and attention to detail. It requires a deep knowledge of the craft and of the terminology that comes along with it. The process of brazing aluminum brings up the basic questions: how does forging work? What is induction heating? How does induction heating work? And how efficient is induction heating?

Induction heating is, simply, the heating of a material through the use of an electric current. Continue Reading No Comments