The “Uber” of Child Care is Here

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 28th, 2016. Posted in Child care management system, Childcare management system, Management system

Childcare management software

Let’s face it: parents nowadays are busy people. Studies show that less than a third of children have a stay-at-home parent. Gone are the days of the stay-at-home mom. This means families are spending increasingly more time and money finding and maintaining child care services. With over 32.7 million children in some soft of after school program or childcare arrangement, you’d think there would be more innovative ways to connect parents with child care professionals. Unfortunately, this is not the case for companies without proper child care management software.

The right software program can help childcare professionals with a cloud-based mobile application that collects payments, automates ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out,’ and streamline