First Impressions Are Powerful How Parking Lot Cleaning Services Give Your Business An Essential Sheen

Written by Small Business Magazine on March 1st, 2019. Posted in Maryland cleaning services, Maryland parking lot sweeping, Street sweeper rental

What does a dirty parking lot tell your customers?

Regardless of your intention, it tells them plenty. It lets them know your business isn’t all that interested in their money and their dollar could be better spent elsewhere. It informs anyone at a glance you don’t care too much about cleanliness, nor the impact your brand has on the city at large. In a short…it says more than your digital marketing campaign or interior design ever could. Parking lot sweeping services are not just a useful tool, but an essential part of your business going forward.

Make this the year you take control of your public image and set the best possible first impression.

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Written by Small Business Magazine on July 7th, 2016. Posted in Cleaning services dc, Maryland parking lot sweeping, Parking lot cleaning

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A customer notices everything about a business. They notice how friendly the customers are, how good the product, service or the food is and they definitely notice how clean or unclean the business is. These things can play a part in if they choose to return or not. The cleanliness of a business needs to be exceptional in order to make its customers satisfied. Every aspect of the business should be clean, including behind the customer?s view, the eating or shopping area and even the parking lot. A customer generally makes a decision on the business? cleanliness before they even enter the business. The street and the parking lot of the business need to be clean at all times.

Most businesses? do not have the time or the ability to properly clean their parking lot and streets. Sometimes it is bes