Protect Your Business’ Digital Sales with a Gateway Service

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 3rd, 2016. Posted in Moto card transactions, Payment processing services, Secure payment processing

Merchant account providers

Global e-commerce sales are constantly being generated through desktop as well as mobile devices. Were you aware that every 30 seconds, there are $931,490 in sales made through desktop computers and $269,683 made through mobile devices?

Before purchasing a product, almost half of the people that shop digitally know where to find it. Basically, this means that they already have an online store in mind. Other shoppers, according to a 2015 MineWhat survey, will visit three online stores before buying anything, however.

Millennials like to browse and go cyber window shopping. Almost 50% state that they like to browse on a regular basis with no specific intention to buy anything. Approximately 36% of Millennials claimed that they didn’t like to make unnecessary purchases. It appears that many