Tips to Proper Elevator Maintenance

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 25th, 2016. Posted in New york elevator company, Residential elevator repair, Residential lifts

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There are currently about 700,000 elevators around the United States. Every year, another 10,000 elevators are installed in residential buildings. Globally, elevators move the equivalent of the entire planet’s population every nine days according to United Technologies. Elevators are very safe and are up to 20 times safer than escalators. andnbsp;Despite the fact that there are about 20 times the number of elebvators as escalators, there are only one third of the total number of accidents in elevators as opposed to escalators. That does not mean that if your building has elevators, you should not pay attention to proper elevator repair and maintenance.

Elevator Maintenance Tips:

  1. Preform daily inspections of your elevators. Pay attention to lights