5 Reasons to Partner With a Medical Answering Service

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 22nd, 2018. Posted in Answering services, On call after hours answering services, Telephone answering services

After hours telephone answering services

There is an immense cost for businesses that don’t utilize the power of good customer service. In fact, a 2016 report from Forbes found that businesses are losing $62 billion annually due to customer service issues. It’s important that a company is able to provide customer service, especially those in the medical industry. Statistics show that 91% of all individuals in the United States with a mobile device keep it within arms reach around the clock. In many cases, cell phones are purchased solely to provide a means of communication while dealing with an emergency medical situation. Considering that, here are five benefits of medical answering services for your company.

  1. Not Having Calls Go To Voicemail

    While recording a pleasant might seem perfect to