What Is The Common Factor Uniting Computers, Phones And Consoles?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 29th, 2016. Posted in Pcb fabrication, Prototype circuit boards, Prototype pcb assembly

Printed circuit board prototype

Do you use a computer when you’re at home? How about a laptop? It’s actually a little difficult to not be in contact with a form of technology somehow and someway when you’re going to work, school or visiting family. Who do we have to thank, though, for so many useful and varied products of technology making our lives easier and more interconnected than ever before? Circuit board prototyping is a process that involves designing, producing and selling the circuit boards that undercut any and all electronic technology — cellphones, home computers, laptops, manufacturing machinery, you name it! Let’s look at the history of the printed circuit board prototype, where it originally came from and how it’s developed today.

History Of The Printed Circuit Board

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What to Know Before Manufacturing a Printed Circuit Board Prototype

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Prototype circuit boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) has exceeded a $60 billion market. Growing at a rate of 1.7% real growth or more since 2011, printed circuit boards are now used in all but the most rudimentary electronics products.

Here’s what you need to know about the design and manufacturing process of printed circuit boards before manufacturing your first printed circuit board prototype.

The designing of a printed circuit board prototype

Your printed circuit board prototype will be designed for its specific use. It’s size will depend on the size of the space you plan to place it in. When designing printed circuit board prototypes, designers will use computerized design software which can help them lay out how the circuits will fit on the PCB. The designer will also use this software to determi