What Is a Life Coach? Bringing Balance to Your Life

Written by Small Business Magazine on October 27th, 2016. Posted in Personal life coach, Relationship coach

What is a life coach

What is a life coach? Trees, humans have recently found out, make friends with one another. They also heal each other by sending “food” to each other through the mushrooms that sprout near their bases. Once upon a time, humans did this as well. Not as much through mushrooms, but before the digital age gripped our interpersonal relationship habits and customs, people used touch and sharing as a way to connect with one another. There are people who feel this void very deeply, and fill this void very effectively. Life coaches and their clients build a synchronous relationship where mutual benefit is the basis and currency. When there is a gap between where one is and where they want to be, a certified life coach acts as a conduit and catalyst to activate their creative potential into movement and realization