The Little Things in Office Decor

Written by Small Business Magazine on August 15th, 2013. Posted in Screw cover, Sliding locks

Threaded inserts for plastic

Desks today are far more than just a table in our office with a couple drawers in it. The modern desk is a streamlined workstation, attentive to every nuance of productivity and style. Every detail is considered, from the angle of the edge to the grommets out the back. Here are just a few of the ways your desk helps you out in ways you might never have imagined.

  • Rubber Grommets. Letting your cables and wires run rampant is a great way to lose track of an important connection when you need to fix or replace something. By funneling all your cables down through a rubber grommet near the back of your desk, you can maintain a clutter free desktop, as well as an easily navigated underside. And if your desk is situated where people will sometimes sit on the other side, the last