The Benefits of Mock Trails in the Near Future

Written by Small Business Magazine on April 17th, 2017. Posted in Class arbitration, Stand-by mediation, Stephen m. orlofsky

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The world is in flux. This much is certain. This much has always been certain. It pays to keep up with all the ways that society can go wrong so that, when it does, we can set it right again. This is where mock trials come in. Think of a mock trial like an organic computer. It’s a sort of flesh and blood simulation that can test for various legal battles and theories that might actually arise in the near future. This might seem extraneous but it’s far from it. Mock trials are very necessary to help prepare the legal systems for stresses that might come from more unexpected places. And, judging from the developments of the past decade, this century is shaping up to be one of the least expected times that society has ever had. Let’s take a look at a couple, potential scenarios that mock-trials might able to hel

Contact an Attorney for Copyright Infringement

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As an author or holder of another form of intellectual property, you are probably aware of the importance of protecting your work with copyright registration. According to the United States Copyright Office, this provides you with a public record of your work and a certificate of registration.

The United States Copyright Office states that if you have registered your intellectual or creative property with their office, that it is protected under the law. It is also protected once it is in a “tangible form.” This includes being accessible, or visible, when using a device such as a computer.

It is also important to register your work to protect against copyright infringement. The

Reaching an Amicable Agreement — How Bankruptcy Mediators Can Work Their Magic

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Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy for your business, but dreading the the time and cost of litigation? Has your lawyer suggested bankruptcy mediation to you? His or her suggestion might be something worth looking into, as many judges and attorneys are now investigating mediation as a great alternative for avoiding litigation. Bankruptcy mediation does vary from state to state, based on state laws, but there are a few basic facts you should know. Mediation can help narrow issues and settle case investigations and many mediation services hire former judges