What Are the Hallmarks of a World Class Customer Experience?

Written by Small Business Magazine on October 25th, 2013. Posted in Customer experience metrics, Customer service excellence, The customer experience

Customer experience metrics

Any company that needs to be told that offering a world class customer experience is the key to a successful business is doing something wrong. Yes, generating revenue is important. Pleasing stockholders, if you have them, is crucial. However, none of those things will be achievable without focusing on what drives your company; your customers.

Understanding the importance of offering an exceptional customer experience has, perhaps, been summed up most effectively by Rick Suttle of the Houston Chronicle. To paraphrase, without outstanding customer service there would be no new generation of customers, no customer retention, and no hope for survival. Effectively, a business that puts its customer experience improvement on the back burner is just treading water until it has to close its doo