Heat Treated Fiberglass Sleeving For the Job

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 23rd, 2018. Posted in Environmental splice crimpers, Fiberglass, Tight

Despite today’s proliferation of wireless technology such as cordless phones and computer headsets, wires of all types are still integral to all kinds of electronics and the industries that use them. Computers, flat-screen TVs, heating and air conditioning systems, cars, and planes, among other things, need wires and cables to run, and the right sleeving for the job is vital for success. A cable or wire may also need crimpers to be ready for work, and some extremes of heat and pressure call for heat treatment fiberglass sleeving. What’s the right cable for the job?

Tough Cables For Work

Let us first consider the heavy stuff, cables and wires used for serious work. Some machines and appliances deal with extremes of pressure, tension, and most of all temperature during their operation, and the wires inside need to be protected. Heat treatment fiberglass sleeving is one such option. A car’s or airplane’s engine, for example, will run very hot, and wires need tough protection