Why Require Fall Protection Training Phoenix AZ?

Written by Small Business Magazine on July 26th, 2016. Posted in Fall protection courses, Lifting devices, Wire rope dead end

Fall protection certification

There are hundreds of injuries, illnesses, and even deaths each year due to accidents in the workplace. Construction sites are the most common source of workplace injuries and deaths. For that reason, OSHA works with businesses to ensure they are doing their part to provide employees with a safe work environment.

OSHA uses a three-step process to prevent falls that could be dangerous or even life-threatening. The three steps are to plan, provide, and train. Companies need to plan for potential hazards. They need to provide their employees with the safety equipment needed to protect themselves, and they need to train their employees on best practices to stay safe and avoid injuries.

Falls are one of the most common ways employees injury themselves on a work site. We’ll use Phoenix AZ