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Bridges are of different types and they are categorized according to the structural elements used, materials used and their specific application. Many companies offer temporary access road solutions for different site access situations. They specialize in everything from installation, rehabilitation to the removal of temporary bridges.

Temporary bridge construction may be as simple as timber bridges or complex as steel panel bridges that are mainly used to create access over drainage ditches, wetlands, waterways, rivers, and streams. When you have to rent a temporary bridge for your site’s needs, there are three main options that may be best suited for your application. These include temporary road mats, prefabricated bridges, and truss bridges.

Crane Bridge Mats
This is one of the most effective and versatile kinds of temporary bridges. Crane mats are made of quality hardwood lumber and it’s reinforced using steel rods to ensure maximum performance and longevity. The ends are epoxy treated to reduce the intake of water by the wood, thus discouraging rotting.

Crane mat bridges are built to withstand heavy machinery, compression, and severe weather conditions such as winter storms, hurricanes, and tornados. They come in varying sizes ideal for situations like stream crossing and drainage ditches.

Prefabricated Temporary Bridges
If you’re looking to rent a temporary bridge, prefabricated bridges may be your best solution. They are made using dense timber and metal railings to offer strength and superior performance. Unlike crane mat bridges, prefabricated bridges easy to assembled and are ideal for relatively large stream and canal crossings. They may also serve as a temporary traffic diversion bridge for both light vehicles, motorbikes, and pedestrians.

Truss Temporary Bridges
Another option you have when looking to rent a temporary bridge is a truss bridge. Also known as panel bridge, this is one of the oldest and most common bridge designs built for handling weighty loads exceeding 550 tons and machinery up to 2 lanes wides. Truss bridge is made of tough and durable posts connected to form triangular mesh structures.

Truss bridges can take less than three days to install and they often don’t require complex tools and machinery for assembling. This makes them a perfect temporary bridge solution for emergency construction. Also, the steel forming the structure are hot-dip galvanized to reduce corrosion, making them perfect for high moisture areas.

Since most projects are timeline based, you need to hire a bridge contractor that ensure not only quality products, but also timely service delivery.

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