A direct hire agency helps recruit individuals for businesses that have staffing needs. Here are four benefits of utilizing the services of a direct hire agency.

Vets Potential Employees

A direct hire agency works for your business and wants to help you find the perfect employees to meet your staffing needs. They review applications to determine who has the experience that you need. Then, agencies take the time to conduct background checks, run drug tests, and more to vet employees so that businesses don’t have to.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing tedious tasks, such as conducting interviews and reviewing applications, will free your employees to do more work for the business. It saves money because additional employees are not needed to interview people, and CEOs have more free time to manage the business. Overall, a direct hire agency can save businesses hundreds of dollars.

Faster Hires

Typically, a direct hire agency is well-known in the area that they serve. Applicants searching for jobs go to them instead of sending out resumes, making them ideal for businesses that need employees. A direct hire agency will sort through resumes and contact possible applicants as soon as your business contacts them. This makes them ideal for businesses that need to hire employees fast.

A direct hire agency is also highly skilled at finding employees. Its sole job is to find people for businesses to hire. Overall, approximately 70% of staffing employees work full-time, which is almost the same number of people in the general workforce that work full-time. The main difference is that staffing employees are working full-time to find business employees to hire. They know the best job boards, and where to find employees that are searching for specific positions, and they attract individuals that are ready to start working soon.

Easily Hire Several Employees At Once

A direct hire agency is a must for businesses that need to hire large numbers of employees. Agencies are better capable of reaching potential employees than new companies are. A new business can easily have an entire staff before opening day when they work with a direct hire agency. This is particularly true for businesses that do not need employees with a particular skill. Finding an agency to work with for direct hires isn’t difficult. Give us a call or email to learn more about our services and how we can help your business today.

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